GPS made aiming to meet modern human needs increasingly more sophisticated use of information technology. Certain scientists and institutions of make technology a new super-sophisticated technology with a complete basilicas and high speed, then from that made GPS as one of the most important needs in information technology. GPS navigation system is a navigation system found scientists to track a location from a اضغط اسفله للوصول الى موضوع تحميل لعبة.

System technology was created and developed and in operation under the United States government agencies or under the control of the United States Air Force. In the United States the master make-GPS with specific objectives not only alone but addressed vehicle tracking as well as attack enemies that will attack the United States. The Supporting GPS itself is GPS Control Segment, the GPS Space Segment and GPS User Segment.

Another Information

GPS Control Segment is the first GPS support with many stations to support GPS. Including Falcon Air Force, Diego Garcia and Kwajalein Colorado Springs, Ascension Island, and Hawaii. all the stations are the eyes and ears for the which GPS can be operated by the controller GPS